Chinook Salmon Note Card

Chinook Salmon Note Card

  • $4.00

Printed on recycled paper, these vibrant and detailed note cards are a great way to

share your love and connection with the animals and environment we all coinhabit.

A portion of the proceeds from this card will be donated to organizations dedicated to the preservation of animals and their habitat.

4.5" x 6.25" blank inside, comes with white envelope

Proudly printed in the USA using soy ink

Chinook salmon are easily the largest of any salmon, with adults often exceeding 40 pounds Freshwater streams and estuaries provide important habitat for the salmon. They feed on insects, amphipods, and other crustaceans while young, and primarily on other fish when older. Eggs are laid in deeper water, and need cool water and good water flow to survive. Estuaries and their associated wetlands provide nursery areas for the Chinook before swimming to the open ocean. Wetlands not only help buffer the estuary from silt and pollutants, but also provide important feeding and hiding areas. The draining and filling of wetlands and the pollution of the estuary from industrial discharges and run-off, negatively impact them. The Orca prefer chinook salmon over any other food source and scientists have determined there's a tight correlation between the two populations. When the salmon are abundant, the whales thrive. When the salmon are scarce, the Southern Resident orca population suffers. The Salmon represents determination and persistence as she is one of Earth's greatest survivors. Look within to see the strength and power of the Orca, the illumination of the Eagle, the Ladybug who brings happiness and good luck.

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