Who does this?

I do, the person you see at the art and trade shows, since 1996.

For hundreds, maybe thousands of years people have been artistically inspired in animal totems. Contemporary artists I admire are Bev Doolittle, my friends Montserrat, and Denise Kester. My work is unique to me, as everyone's artistic process should be ~ this art from my soul.

The jewelry that I design for Zarah is manufactured in Hong Kong. The wood carvings I have produced for me, are under my direction

The rest of my art is all made and printed in the USA

What is your process?

I draw by hand the old fashioned way, with pen and ink on paper. When finished I paint using a brush with watered down acrylics, and then I sometimes apply metallic inks.

How long does it take you?

The drawing can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. I usually spend some time doing research on a specific animal before beginning. The painting process takes about a week to complete.

The coloring book series I started in 1996

Why animals?

Animals are in desperate need of protection, mostly from loss of habitat. I hope to raise awareness, for people to understand that we are all intricately connected.

Why do you put animals within animals?

To represent the ecosystem of the main animal mostly. Sometimes other symbols and images weave their way through too. Some animals, such as the Turtle represent our earth in many cultures, so I use it quite a bit.

Where do you get your inspiration?

In nature, whether it be in our garden, or half way around the world! Some places I've been especially inspired are Ecuador, Rapa Nui, Chile, Australia, England, Mexico, Zion, Puget Sound, Mt Rainier, Moorea in French Polynesia, and the Galapagos Islands. In the Galapagos, we visited Blue-footed Boobie colonies, and swam with Penguins. In each of these places I was gifted with animal experiences. And Thank you Luigi, from "Birds of Prey" in Idaho who inspired the Thunderbird.

Can I make copies of your coloring book images?

No* I have taken the time and expense to protect my work by Federally copyrighting them all. To reproduce my art for any purpose what so ever is punishable by law. My rubber stamps have an Angel policy, so please write me

*Teachers, Mom's, Quilters, Stampers, please email me for signed permission

or email me for special circumstances

Can I shop at your store in Edmonds?

.... I dont have a shop or store. My home is my art studio, however the Edmonds Bookshop in town carries my art. I'll be better in posting my art fair schedule I promise! Please email me and I'll let you know a store near you that carries my art, hopefully!

OK, I hate to bring this up. It is illegal and punishable as a federal offense to copy (without artist permission), and especially not OK to copy and resell my art with the exception of my Angel policy for my Animal Spirit Stamps. Those of you who know me, know I am very generous and love working with teachers, and that I donate back to animal conservation organizations.

One funny side note to lighten this up~ one summer a woman angrily approached me at an art show and hollered I was copying her genius son's art. Turns out, his teacher uses my books in the classroom and he had convinced Mum it was his own...

Karma, OK?