Coho Note Card

Coho Note Card

  • $4.00

Printed on recycled paper, these vibrant and detailed note cards are a great way to share your love and connection with the animals and environment we all coinhabit.

A portion of the proceeds from this card will be donated to organizations dedicated to the preservation of animals and their habitat.

4.5" x 6.25" blank inside, comes with white envelope

Proudly printed in the USA using soy ink

The coho salmon also known as “Silver Salmon” is a remarkable species that inhabits the freshwater and coastal regions of North America, particularly the Pacific Northwest.

Their reliance on streams and rivers for spawning habitat makes them vulnerable to threats not shared by other marine fishes. As a keystone species, coho salmon intricately influences the abundance and distribution of various organisms in their ecosystem. The conservation of coho salmon is crucial not only for the survival of the species itself but for the overall health and biodiversity of the ecosystems they inhabit. Sadly, populations have drastically declined in the southern part of their range, with several groups listed as threatened or endangered.

See within the hungry bear eagerly awaiting the bounty of this underwater ballet reminding us that we are all connected in this intricate dance of nature. Look for the ladybug, she gracefully flies in bringing happiness and good luck!

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