Caribou Note Card

Caribou Note Card

  • $4.00

Printed on recycled paper, these vibrant and detailed note cards are a great way to share your love and connection with the animals and environment we all coinhabit.

A portion of the proceeds from this card will be donated to organizations dedicated to the preservation of animals and their habitat.

4.5" x 6.25" blank inside, comes with white envelope

Proudly printed in the USA using soy ink

Caribou, also called reindeer, are found in northern regions of North America, Europe, Asia and Greenland. They can travel more than 600 miles using their yearly routes. They spend the summer eating the grasses and plants of the tundra. The Sami people (Laplanders) have depended on reindeer herding and fishing for hundreds of years. See within her environment which includes the watchful Grizzly Bear and wise Raven. Find the ladybug, she will bring you happiness and joy!

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