Blue Whale Note Card

Blue Whale Note Card

  • $4.00

Printed on recycled paper, these vibrant and detailed note cards are a great way to

share your love and connection with the animals and environment we all coinhabit.

A portion of the proceeds from this card will be donated to organizations dedicated to the preservation of animals and their habitat.

4.5" x 6.25" blank inside, comes with white envelope

Proudly printed in the USA using soy ink

Great wisdom, power and keen intuition represent the Blue Whale. They understand the sacred power of water and realize the importance of taking time out to breathe. Their sensitivity to sound and movement connects them to the core energy of life. Whale asks us to remember our past and listen to its stories so we can pass them along to our children. Blue whales are the largest animals living on Earth. These marine mammals are up to 100 feet long and upwards of 200 tons. Their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant and their hearts as much as a car. They eat about 4 tons of krill a day. Endangered Blue whales may die after colliding with ocean vessels as well as becoming trapped or entangled in fishing gear. The ever-increasing amount of ocean noise, including sonar drowns out the vocalizations produced by whales, which may make it harder for them to communicate. Look inside to find the Orca, Krill and Sea Turtle and also the underwater volcano while the shy Octopus wraps around the Eel. See the Ladybug who is swimming under Sea Turtle’s flipper bringing you good fortune and happiness!

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