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Hare is crouching silently. If you want to avoid being seen, learn from Hare’s special strengths. Taking flight in the center is Raven, whisping by the tiny chipmunk. Fox is peering out of Hare’s thoughts keeping her always alert. The courageous and curious Raccoon invites a kiss from Butterfly. Also hidden in the deep woods is Green Wolf, transforming to sprouting foliage. Be like Hare, and enjoy the stillness in the greenery of nature as she awaits opportunity. Ladybug in flight brings happiness and good luck!


Please allow 2 weeks for trivets and mugs

Note Card $2.85

Magnet $5.00

8x10 signed print $20.00

11x14 signed print $30.00

Key Chain $5.00

Trivet $25.00

Ceramic Mug 15 oz $19.50