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Walrus Holiday

Walrus Strong and easily provoked this huge sea mammal can reach to 12 feet in length, with huge tusks. However, he is normally shy, and uses his tusks to help climb out of the water onto the ice, or to hold onto the bottom of the sea floor while digging for clams. See within the large predators the Polar Bear and Orca, who Walrus is keeping a watch out for. When not sun bathing, home is in the water with fish, mussels, Octopus, and Seal. See the companion Frog who like the Walrus, connects water and earth. The Walrus is endangered, although several countries have passed laws to protect them. The Pacific Walruses numbers have risen , however the Atlantic Walrus is still very much endangered. Look for the Ladybug, who brings happiness and prosperity!






Box of 8 Holiday cards


Silver metallic accent

Card size: 4 1/2" x 6 1/4"

Greeting inside:

"May the happiness of this season be reflected in our goodwill toward all creatures"