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Musk Ox

"Omingmak" is the Native name for Musk Ox meaning "the animal with skin like a beard". Their soft underhair called qiviut is maybe the rarest fiber in the world, and spun by hand to make rare and beautiful woolen garments. They are well adapted to live in the harsh arctic environment. . They eat many types of plants and their natural predator is the Wolf. Over hunting by humans nearly caused extinction. Traits of the Musk Ox are endurance, strength, determination, and service. Look inside and find the Caribou, Hawk , Wolf , and Mosquito. They live along side the Musk Ox and share territory. Don't forget to look for the hiding Ladybug, she will bring you happiness and good luck!



Please allow 2 weeks for trivets and mugs

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Magnet $5.00

8x10 signed print $20.00

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Key Chain $5.00

Trivet $25.00

Ceramic Mug 15 oz $19.50