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The Hawk represents a powerful protective messenger, a warrior of the sky. Awakening our vision, the Hawk has served as a strong symbol in many cultures. Feathers from the Hawk have been used in healing ceremonies, also used to call for rain when needed. "Hawk" is a general term used to describe the entire group of predatory birds. Worldwide there are approximately 270 species of carnivorous birds that comprise the order Falconiformes - the scientific name for hawk . Hawks are effective predators. They catch, kill, and eat a wide variety of other animals in order to survive. It has been going on for millions of years and is, in fact, a necessary function which helps to maintain nature's balance. Their eyesight is the best in the entire animal world. Look inside and see the mountains touching the heavens, the Dragonfly and mystical creatures of the sky Also in flight find the Ladybug, bringing you happiness and good fortune



un mounted

approx 3" x 4" in size