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Bison Buffalo Millions of bison once thundered across North America. These massive animals, characterized by their long, shaggy brown coats, have poor eyesight but acute hearing and an excellent sense of smell. The American bison played an essential role in shaping the ecology of the Great Plains. They graze on native grasses and disturb the soil with their hooves, allowing many plant and animal species to flourish. Prairie dogs prefer areas grazed by bison where the grass is short so they can keep a lookout for hungry predators. Wolves once relied on bison herds as a major food source. Today, wild bison are making a small comeback. The Bison represents prayer and abundance. Within is the mystery of the Raven, the sweet prosperity of the Coneflower, and the beauty and transformation of the Butterfly. Abundance abounds with the ripened berries and the rains. See the Medicine Wheel of the Oglala Lakota. Like other Native American tribes, they view life around them as sacred. The circle is seen as the basis for every part of human and animal life, the earth and sky around us, and even the universe and stars. The belief is that all things good are within the sacred circle and through the Medicine Wheel, it teaches us about the seasons, life, animal nations and the directions. Call to the Bison, and you will receive the strength and endurance you need. Look for the Ladybug who will bring you good luck and happiness!



Please allow 2 weeks for trivets and mugs

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8x10 signed print $20.00

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Key Chain $5.00

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Ceramic Mug 15 oz $19.50